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Designed and illustrated by A. M. Hessler

© 2020 by The Deep Time Institute

This two-sided map shows the geology that underlies bustling downtown Austin, Texas. Detailed descriptions of nine localities are provided on the reverse side. The map is a hand-drawn and painted rendering of the original environmental geology map by Garner and Young (1976). The view covers about ten square miles, from Barton Springs to the University of Texas campus. Sites can be reasonably reached by foot, bike, and auto. Sales proceeds help fund DTI's research and education efforts.

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Designed and illustrated by A. M. Hessler

© 2019 Journal of Sedimentary Research

This stylized map highlights the deep-sea fans mentioned in our 2019 JSR paper Deep-sea fans: Tapping into Earth's changing landscapes. Imagery was inspired by the groundbreaking maps by Al-Sharif al-Idrisi (12th century) and Jacopo de'Barbari (16th century). Featured as a scale is the Joides Resolution, the research drill ship responsible for much of our understanding of the ocean floor. The deep-sea fans here include, from west to east: Surveyor, Astoria-Tufts, Monterey, California borderland fans, Vera Cruz, Mississippi, Amazon, Var, Congo, Indus, Bengal, and Bounty.